Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last Night

My wonderful daughter kept me company at the knitting booth last night. She has no interest in knitting at all so hanging out at a knitting booth on a Friday night with your Mom wouldn't normally be her first choice but she was a good sport. That is until IT happened. What could be the worst thing to happen to a teenager when she is with her Mom, at a knitting booth, winding a ball of yarn?

Yup, a group of her friends from school walk by, notice her and come over to talk to her. We knitters of course can not imagine why she would be so embarrassed but if there was even the tiniest glimmer of hope that she might learn to like knitting I think it is totally gone now. I am glad I took this picture then I did. I am sure it will be a very long time before she be caught knitting again!

I on the other hand had a great night (except for the ride my daughter made me go on as payback for the incident with her friends). I started a neckwarmer using a ball of my hand dyed wool. I am hoping to have it finished tonight while I am at the fair.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand! Nice effort to get your daughter to join the true sisterhood! Don't worry, she'will be back... they always come back.

Frieda said...

I remember those days , it's so not cool to hang out with mom . I had two boys and they were exactly the same , I could't even walk near them at the mall . Except at the cash register of course ....