Friday, October 8, 2010

Current Project

This is what I have been working on this week. It is a shawl and it is about half finished. It will take two balls and I am almost finished the first ball. I have already had to pull it out once and restart it when I carelessly pulled my needle out of the stitches. I tried to pick up all of the stitches and thought that I did until I looked closer at it just didn't look right. This is being knit for someone else so I am being very particular; no mistakes allowed in this one!

These two balls came from my stash and even though it is only two balls, it feels good to be using some of the yarn I have had for YEARS.

Yarn - Bernat Matrix
Needle - 5.5mm circular bamboo
Pattern - Cast on 3 sts, *slip first st purlwise, kfb in next st, knit to end*

Super easy pattern, tricky yarn to knit with. I find that I have to watch every stitch so that I don't split the yarn. No TV watching or reading while knitting this.


Frieda said...

Beautiful shawl !

A few years ago I picked up a bunch of ribbon yarn for a song at our local Zellers . I knit up a simple garter stitch scarf to dress up an outfit . It seemed like everyone and his sister wanted one too . I ended up knitting about six or seven as gifts . Lovely , well appreciated gifts but boy oh boy I don't ever want to knit with that stuff again!

Caffeine Girl said...

I'm trying to knit all my holiday gifts from stash yarn. The sad thing is that I'll barely put a dent in my stash!