Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mitten Swap

Wednesday night was the Knitting Goddesses guild meeting and it was our mitten swap night!! We began our meeting with yummy Christmas goodies. Here we all are anxiously waiting to see the mitts everyone has knit.

Back in September everyone who wanted to participate filled out a sheet with their hand size and the colours that they liked. Everyone was secretly matched up with another knitter. Everyone had lots of fun searching for just the right yarn and pattern for the person they were knitting for. Everyone came up with creative patterns and wonderful yarns.

This knitter is expecting a baby in January. Not only did she receive a wonderful pair of mitts for herself but tucked inside her mittens was a tiny matching pair for the baby!

Beautiful cabled mitts!

What can you say about these mitts except WOW!

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knitty_kat said...

So do we get to see the mitts that you made now? Sounds like a fun night.