Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Unhappy Knitter

It is clear to me now that I have to put together an "emergency" knitting kit in my car. We went to the movies last night and for the second time in not very long I was almost having an anxiety attack about not being able to knit during the movie.

This is how my evening went. We decided that we would drive to the mall for supper and then go to the early movie. Now, I know from past experience that the stores in this mall close at 6 pm on a Saturday night but that the Zellers store stays open longer. So after we finished eating about 6:10 we walked to the other end of the mall to do some shopping before the movie started. They were closed. Apparently they only stayed open after 6:00 for the Christmas rush. So, without any shopping to fill in the extra time we just decide to go get out tickets and wait at the theater. That is when I stop in my tracks and burst out OH NO! The rest of the conversation went something like this.

Hubby - what's wrong??
Me - I don't have any knitting needles (I had the yarn this time - last time I didn't)
Hubby - how did you forget the needles?
Me - glaring at him I reminded him that the dog chewed one of my rosewood needles that morning.
Hubby - oh yeah
Me - And I was going to stop at the yarn shop to replace them before coming to the mall but we ran out of time so I was just going to get whatever was available in Zellers but they are CLOSED!
Hubby - don't you have anything in your car?
Me - NO, because for some crazy reason (to make room for my son in the backseat) I took all my knitting bags into the house!!

At this point I sit down on the nearest bench and take everything out of my purse. At first I an ecstatic to find 2 5.5mm double pointed needles but that was short lived.

Hubby - they are kind of big aren't they?
Me - My moment of happiness gone as he points this out. As I am fuming to myself about the fact that if I had gotten to the store 10 mins earlier I wouldn't be in this perdicament I reply YES, THEY ARE TOO BIG!!!
Hubby - well can't you change what you are knitting. Can't you knit a scarf?
Me - I look at him like he has totally lost his mind out of dishcloth cotton (Yes, this is all over a dishcloth. But knitting is knitting right and I need a sample for my learn to knit class)

I think there were a few more exchanges where he was trying to be helpful and I was being totally unreasonable before

Hubby - throws his hands in the air and says FINE, do what you want
Me - I will

Then I head out into the snow to find my car in the parking lot to search through the backseat and the trunk only to find what I already knew was there. Nothing.

Maybe it was the trek through the heavy falling snow out to my car that helped me get rid of the rest of my frustration over my own stupidity (and maybe a little bit towards the dog for chewing my needle) but by the time I returned to the movie I was in a much better mood. I thought about my situation - I did have yarn and needles, apologized to my husband and cast on for a new pattern I was thinking about using in my learn to knit class.

Yup, it is a scarf in Sugar'n Cream's Hot Pink. It turned out not bad for knitting in the dark where I couldn't keep track of the number of rows in each zig zag.

Through it all, my son wisely kept quiet until the end of the movie when he told me he lost his hat that I had knit for him. Sigh.


goldenbird said...

That scarf looks great, especially for being designed and knit in a dark theater! Which movie did you see? It's funny, I was thinking earlier today I need to pack a knitting bag and keep it in my trunk so I'm never without a project to work on.

Delusional Knitter said...

Very cool scarf! I can totally see you freaking out (and understandably) and your husband making suggestions - that to a knitter just don't make sense, LOL!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Yes, I'd be frustrated at that. And at your son's losing his hand knit hat!

knitty_kat said...

LOL - there's something to be said for always keeping plain vanilla sock WIP in your purse. I hope it was a good movie!

Carries Quilting and Knitting said...

Sooo funny, Louise!
You definitely need an 'emergency knit-kit' in your bag at all times!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I've definitely been there before! You never know when you're going to have time to knit a couple of rows. :)