Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skill + 1UP

For this post we were to think of a skill in our knitting that is new for us.

Usually every January I decide what my knitting goals will be for the new year. This year I didn't to that. Instead, myself and three other members of the Knitting Goddesses Knitting Guild enrolled in the Master Knitter's Program. I am working my way through Level 1 - slowly but surely!

I am finding it very interesting to take a step back from all the choices we knitters have - two handed fair isle knitting, mosaic knitting, entrelac knitting, knitting socks from the toe up and sweaters from the top down - and going back to the very beginning - garter st, stockinette st and ribbing. The course forces you to look at your knitting with a very critical eye as you knit the swatches that will be submitted for evaluation and to pull out your reference books to research techniques and answer the written part of the program.

There are 3 levels and my goal is to finish them all.


Alexandra said...

That sounds very interesting!

kate said...

I like the idea of going back to the beginning, what an interesting journey you will take.

Caffeine Girl said...

This is quite an undertaking. It sounds like it will build amazing knitting skills.

Rose Red said...

Our state knitting guild offers a certification course too (similar but not as good as the TKGA one). One day I will do it - when my little person is a bit bigger! I think it's great to go back to the beginning, there's always something new to learn.