Friday, April 29, 2011

FO Friday

Finally, I have finished some projects!

Last night I finished the handles on my knitted bag. I am really happy with how it turned out. It is approx 11" high (not counting the handles) and 39" around. Since I was using up part balls I don't know how many yards of yarn it took but it weighs 300 grams.

This is the blocked scalloped shawl that I finished earlier in the week.

Soon there will be an updated picture of the Girly shawl. It is almost finished!! I love knitting this shawl and I think I could just keep knitting it forever but I do want to wear it and I have other projects waiting to be cast on so I have given myself a cast off deadline of Sunday night. Until then I am going to keep knitting away on it to make it as big as I can before I add the boarder.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome a New Knitter!

Over the last couple of weeks, Amy and I have been getting together so I could give her a refresher on the knitting basics.

She has been practicing the long tail cast on, knitting, purling, k2tog, the bar increase and casting off. She has done an amazing job and is already thinking about moving on from dishcloths to scarves and slippers.

Here she is casting on for another dishcloth (and proudly displaying her finished projects)!

I gave her a brief introduction to knitting blogs and Ravelry where we were searching for slipper patterns. Oh, what fun awaits her; knitting hats, mitts, turning her first sock heel, knitting sweaters, lace knitting, entrelac....

But, before all of that, I have a fun garter stitch slipper pattern for her next project.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something New

The idea of knitting Easter bunnies was short lived. The pattern is really cute and I was excited about knitting them until I started. I was part way through one and decided I wasn't enjoying it so much so I stopped. This is what I decided to work on instead.

One of the knitters at our knitting group in London gave me a challenge to knit a bag without a pattern. Here is what I have knit so far. I am making it up as I knit, changing colours whenever I feel like it and I am having so much fun doing it! I may add in some yarn overs and slip stitches for fun. We will see...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What to Knit....A Shawl or Easter Bunnies....

Since finishing my cape I have been knitting the Girly Shawl.

I am getting very close to finishing the first ball. I put half the sts on another needle today to see how it is looking for size. It would do as a small shawlette but I am wanting this to be bigger so I am going to keep knitting away at it and knit part of the second ball then add a ruffle boarder to it.

But for now, I am tired of shawl knitting. I think I will move onto knitting Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs.

This is a free pattern from Rebecca Danger. It is quick, simple and the bunnies are so cute. Sounds just perfect for tonight's TV watching/knitting project.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Finished Cape!

Finally, here is the finished cape! The pattern is Not-A-Poncho City Cape from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. It is a top down knit and I used Patons Soy Wool held doubled. The colour is Natural Crimson. The only thing I changed was the collar. I tried the collar 3 different ways and after the last try last night I pulled it out, crocheted an edge around the neck and called it finished. I wore it today and it is warm and it fits great.

Now that I have something finished, it is giving me hope for my other projects. It is a cold, windy, rainy day here today so that makes it a perfect day for knitting with a tiny bit of house cleaning thrown in when I need to take a break (I am not counting on too many breaks though)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, the weekend didn't produce any finished projects; but I am getting closer on the scalloped shawl.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Projects, Projects, Projects

There are currently 6 of them. Sigh. I can't seem to get any of them finished but I can sure cast new ones on without a problem!

The projects are: The Girly Shawl, Dad's socks, the top down cape, the no name shawl with the scalloped boarder, the mystery KAL, and the newest project is a bag that I was challenged to make out of odd ball yarns without a pattern. Apparently when it comes to buying yarn and starting new projects I have very little will power to say no! :) They are all in various stages of progress; the cape is the closest to being finished and others are half way (or close) and some have just been cast on.

Hopefully, this weekend will produce at least one finished project.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is my new yarn for the Nelkin Designs mystery KAL. While in Toronto yarn shopping Sunday I bought this yarn and I love it. It is the hand dyed sock yarn by Viola. I have only knit my gauge swatch but it knits up wonderfully!

I am working on Clue #1 which is to string on over 500 beads and cast on. As of last night I had 300 beads on....over half way! Tonight I will finish adding the beads and try out the lace cast on the pattern suggests we use.

Clue #2 is out now as well and from everyone's comments this pattern sounds a bit challenging. Lace knitting and I have not always been best friends so this should be interesting!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toronto Road Trip

Sunday was a great day! I spent the day with 7 other Knitting Goddesses on a road trip to 5 knitting stores in Toronto.

This is in Americo Origininal.

This is what I brought home. The pink Noro came from Knitomatic, The green/yellow Noro came from Lettuce Knit, the green and brown Cotton Fleece (cotton and wool) was from The Knit Cafe, The varigated grey is Misty Alpaca (cotton and silk)from Knitomatic, The orange is Viola (hand dyed superwash sock yarn - this is my new mystery project yarn) from The Purple Purl, and the grey lace weight (llama) was from Americo Original.

This is some of our group in The Knit Cafe...

....and Knitomatic.....
....Lettuce Knit....
....and here is the whole group in The Purple Purl.

The only downside to the whole day was when it began snowing on the way home. After spending the day not even wearing our coats it was a bit of a shock to come out of the restaurant to find it snowing very heavily. It made for a long drive home but at least we would have been prepared if we had of got stuck on the 401 in a traffic jam due to an accident; we would have all had lots of yarn to pass the time!