Saturday, April 9, 2011

Projects, Projects, Projects

There are currently 6 of them. Sigh. I can't seem to get any of them finished but I can sure cast new ones on without a problem!

The projects are: The Girly Shawl, Dad's socks, the top down cape, the no name shawl with the scalloped boarder, the mystery KAL, and the newest project is a bag that I was challenged to make out of odd ball yarns without a pattern. Apparently when it comes to buying yarn and starting new projects I have very little will power to say no! :) They are all in various stages of progress; the cape is the closest to being finished and others are half way (or close) and some have just been cast on.

Hopefully, this weekend will produce at least one finished project.


marycatharine said...

They're all so colourful!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'm feeling the urge to start things too! Must be a spring feeling.

Monica said...

Wow, I can never work on more then one project at a time, I'd never get anything finished!

Delusional Knitter said...

Awesome stuff! Its hard to be monogamous .... I'm not, LOL!

Caffeine Girl said...

Multiple projects are like a messy house: They are the sign of a creative mind!

BTW, I have way more than 6 projects going.