Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Bag

Knitting wise, this week has already been more productive than last week. The sock is progressing nicely on my new Knit Picks dpn needles. I managed to get a good part of the foot done today. What a difference the needles make!

This is the newest bag I am knitting. This one is a smaller size and is being knit entirely in an easy slip st pattern which is making it nice and sturdy. Now I just have to decide if I will knit the handles in the slip st pattern as well or go with my trusty icord. I thnk I am leaning towards a slip stitch handle.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

I made a bag with interesting reinforced handles a couple of years ago:


Might be worth a look?

Siga said...

Oh, when I use wooden dpns for socks, I am afraid I'd break them. So I also try to stay away from them for socks unless I'm knitting some very plain basic socks - with no cables whatsoever.

marycatharine said...

The slipped stitch pattern looks great with the yarn.

Madeleine said...

Do you follow a particular pattern or improvising?