Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moccasin Sock

Look at what I started last night! It is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Moccasin Sock.

I know I have just barely started this sock but I am so excited about it. When you look at what I have knit it could very well be ribbing on a sleeve. That would not be exciting at all and I would probably be having a hard time knitting the 2" that I would need.

But, that is not the case with this sock. I find myself wanting to knit k2,p2 ribbing for the whole sock. Maybe it is because this will be my first ribbed sock. Maybe it is because this is the first sock I have knit flat on two needles. Or maybe is it because the way it is made is so different from the other socks I have knit.

Whatever it is, I hope it lasts until both socks are finished!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Interesting pattern! Are you doing the bottom of the foot in a contrasting colour?

Alyssa said...

This is such a coincidence! I was at ny friend's house last night and I was looking at the moccasin sock pattern! Since I'm on knitting restriction, I'm trying really hard not to build up a huge queue... But they looked so cute! I look forward to see how they turn out!

Delusional Knitter said...

I love EZ's stuff, so innovative. Can't wait to see your sock!

Caffeine Girl said...

Someone needs to explain the attraction of socks knit in the round. Maybe other people don't hate seaming as much as I do!

knitty_kat said...

I haven't made one of these yet either! Good luck, I hope it manages to keep your interest all the way through :)