Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holiday Knitting Day 1

I am on holidays this week and have big plans for getting lots of knitting done. I thought for sure there would have been lots of knitting time yesterday as most of the day was filled with doctors appointments and as we all know, that usually means lots of waiting time. Not yesterday. In the end I didn't pick up my needles until everyone arrived for our last official sock class of the summer and by then I didn't feel up to starting my second cabled sock so I cast on another baby hat. Gotta love baby knitting; quick, simple and it makes you feel like you actually accomplished something.
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Stacy said...

Cute hat! I started a baby hat today, too, and it's so enjoyable that I'm having trouble putting it down. Usually I knit hats flat and seam them up, but this is my second attempt at knitting one in the round. No DPNs this time ... just circulars. Those DPNs and I just don't get along :o)