Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Week For More Yarn!

After the trip to Listowel for the Spinrite tent sale last week you would think that a knitter would have enough yarn right? Well, I guess only a non-knitter would think that. Knitter's know the truth; you can never have too much in your stash.
Thanks to one of the Knitting Goddesses who brought me a present from The Needle Emporium. Two balls of Panda Silk. A bamboo/ merino/silk blend; it is beautiful!! Now to find a special pattern for it - socks or a shawl??

Thanks to Knitty_Kat for all of the yarn she destashed! I came away with 2 huge bags full of yarn that will be great for the Knitting Goddesses's charity hat, mitten and baby knitting projects. I also brought home some dark green Rowan wool and some brown wool to add to my own stash. I couldn't resist. My house is FULL of yarn. I am a happy knitter :)

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Caffeine Girl said...

Yep, coming home with armfuls of yarn does feel good!

Kepanie said...

You go on your "SEX" (stash enhancing excursion)! I love the look of that Panda one.
Yarn shopping is such a high for me, more so than clothes and shoe shopping now.

marycatharine said...

That's a pile of yarn! You're right, there is never enough yarn, ever.

knitty_kat said...

I'm so glad that it's all going to a good home! Know anyone interested in a wheel?

Catherine said...

I just found your blog via some twitter knitting blogs and joined - I've a mixed blog with some knitting but not exclusively. When I saw Listowel I thought isn't it cool that there's yarn shops in Co.Kerry - but maybe it's a Listowel somewhere else - like there's 3 Lismore's in Australia (one is def. named for my home town). Small world. I'll go check now where you're from - and do drop by my blog and join/follow me on Twitter/FB.
Catherine (I love socks and upcycling old or unloved items - made a nice jumper from ribbon yarn I unravelled from a nasty shop design)