Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yarn Swap!

Wednesday was a good night, it was the Knitting Goddesses knitting guild meeting and we had our Christmas party and yarn swap.

There was lots of yummy food...

and we swapped yarn! Anyone that had any yarn or patterns that they no longer needed brought it in, and spread it out and we traded around knitting stuff. It was lots of fun!

Monday, December 19, 2011

It was too small....

I am seriously behind now.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

According to my Calculations....

As as of Sunday morning, this is where I am at with the first sleeve of this never ending sweater - 7 1/2". I have 14" left to knit (total length of 21 1/2").

I timed myself knitting one row - 4 mins. Since I am increasing every 6th row and the sleeve will be getting bigger and for easier figuring, lets increase the time to 5 mins per row.

So every repeat of the 6 row increase will take me 30 mins.
I have to increase 10 more times which will take me 300 mins or 5 hours.

Then I am to continue knitting until sleeve is 21 1/2" long.

My row gauge is 7 rows to the inch.

So, if I go back and count the number of rows I will have already knit while doing the increasing - 60 rows divided by 7 is 8.5"

Plus the 7.5" that I already have knit will be 16" minus the total length of 21.5" will leave me with 5.5" to knit.

5.5" x row gauge of 7 turns out to be 38 more rows to knit.
38 rows to knit at 5 mins per row gives me another 190 mins or 3 1/4 hours of knitting time.

So to recap, I have 5 hours of increasing and 3 1/4 hours of straight knitting to total 8 and a bit hours of wonderful knitting time ahead of me today.

I still have 14 hours left in the day. Subtract the bit of house cleaning (less than an hour), a shopping trip into London (husband is driving so there will be some added knitting time) and a family Christmas this afternoon (I can knit through this) I think I can do this.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It Is Snowing!

I can't believe that I am excited about snow. But it does help to make it feel like Christmas having the snow falling and the Christmas music on while decorating the Christmas tree!

These are some of the Christmas balls I have been knitting. One of these years the Christmas Tree will be decorated with all knitted decorations but that is a few years away yet.

I can see Daisy and I are going to have to have a serious talk about leaving the decorations on the tree!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Next Project

Still knitting away on this is getting there but very sllowly. I need to start something that I can get finished so I am moving on to the next project. This is going to be a hat.

How is everyone's Christmas knitting coming along? Is anyone else way behind like I am?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Christmas

We had our first family Christmas on Sunday.

It was great to see some family members that we don't see very often and have a chance to spend the day together and of course there was food! Everyone always brings the most amazing dishes that it is impossible not to try a little of everything! Between and the food and visiting the knitters found time to pull out our needles!

My SIL was working on one of those frilly scarves, my Aunt was knitting a Baby Surprise sweater for her new grandbaby out of an alpaca blend wool (beautiful!!) and I was knitting a head band that was intended to be a sample for a learn to knit class in January for a group of young girls but I was using my Niece as my model to check my sizing and she liked it so much that I let her have it and she wore it for the rest of the day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Two Needle Socks

The closer it gets to Christmas the more and more I modify the gifts I still need to knit. This is why these socks are so great; they are simple and quick!

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. I am using sock yarn doubled on 4.5mm needles. The sock is knit sideways. You cast on enough sts for the leg and foot, knit in garter st, divide sts for an afterthought heel, continue knitting the leg, knit the foot, knit the heel, knit the ribbing and last but not least knit the toe, fold in half, seam and you have a finished sock! I was able to finish one sock after a full day of knitting. Pretty good for a sock!