Sunday, December 18, 2011

According to my Calculations....

As as of Sunday morning, this is where I am at with the first sleeve of this never ending sweater - 7 1/2". I have 14" left to knit (total length of 21 1/2").

I timed myself knitting one row - 4 mins. Since I am increasing every 6th row and the sleeve will be getting bigger and for easier figuring, lets increase the time to 5 mins per row.

So every repeat of the 6 row increase will take me 30 mins.
I have to increase 10 more times which will take me 300 mins or 5 hours.

Then I am to continue knitting until sleeve is 21 1/2" long.

My row gauge is 7 rows to the inch.

So, if I go back and count the number of rows I will have already knit while doing the increasing - 60 rows divided by 7 is 8.5"

Plus the 7.5" that I already have knit will be 16" minus the total length of 21.5" will leave me with 5.5" to knit.

5.5" x row gauge of 7 turns out to be 38 more rows to knit.
38 rows to knit at 5 mins per row gives me another 190 mins or 3 1/4 hours of knitting time.

So to recap, I have 5 hours of increasing and 3 1/4 hours of straight knitting to total 8 and a bit hours of wonderful knitting time ahead of me today.

I still have 14 hours left in the day. Subtract the bit of house cleaning (less than an hour), a shopping trip into London (husband is driving so there will be some added knitting time) and a family Christmas this afternoon (I can knit through this) I think I can do this.


Delusional Knitter said...

Good luck, I hope you get to finish the sleeve today!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Uh oh, that sounds like a tight timeline! Good luck!