Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Christmas

We had our first family Christmas on Sunday.

It was great to see some family members that we don't see very often and have a chance to spend the day together and of course there was food! Everyone always brings the most amazing dishes that it is impossible not to try a little of everything! Between and the food and visiting the knitters found time to pull out our needles!

My SIL was working on one of those frilly scarves, my Aunt was knitting a Baby Surprise sweater for her new grandbaby out of an alpaca blend wool (beautiful!!) and I was knitting a head band that was intended to be a sample for a learn to knit class in January for a group of young girls but I was using my Niece as my model to check my sizing and she liked it so much that I let her have it and she wore it for the rest of the day!


Kepanie said...

A cute pic; love seeing knitting run through an ohana.

knitty_kat said...

I think this time of year should be renamed "wear stretchy pants season" cuz I'm gonna need them too!