Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning (knitting of course!) Challenge: Week 1

Monday night was the start of our March knitting challenge - finish some of our unfinished projects!

This week's goal was to pull out all of our UFOs and see what all we had.
We had a lot! This picture shows just some of the projects that 9 of us are working on.

There is pretty much everything here. Sweaters, shawls, afghans, hats, ponchos, socks, and scarves.

One knitter has only one project unfinished. I am still deciding if that deserves a prize or if she needs a little more "influencing"! A couple of other knitters have a respectable 4 or 5 projects unfinished. I think most of us fell between 10-15. Another knitter has, you might want to sit down before you hear this, fifty projects! Yup, that is right, 50 and they are all on needles! I am still trying to figure out how you find closet space for 50 finished items and how big of a container would you need to hold all those empty needles, lol!

Happy knitting ladies! Can't wait to see what everyone decides to work on this week!

Among all of these UFOs, one knitter finished a project!

Way to go Margaret! They look great and I love the colour!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yay! Woohoo!, Hip Hip Horray! It feels like I have just experienced a miracle! These socks are finished. A pair of socks has NEVER taken me this long to knit before. I can't tell you have excited I am to update my Ravelry project page as FINISHED!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's Projects

There seem to be so many projects on the needles these days that nothing is getting finished.

These socks have been hanging around FOREVER. They are at the top of my knitting list for today. I would be so happy if they were finished by tomorrow afternoon because....

That is when I am planning on starting a new sweater :)

I am feeling ahead of the game with this project since I already have my gauge done! See what a difference changing from a 7.5mm to a 7mm makes?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

I have finally decided (I think!) on the perfect pattern for this super soft Optim wool. The wool is hand dyed and hand spun by A Yarn Above. Not just any old project will do for this wool. It is wonderful to knit with; I know because this ball has already started out to be a couple of other projects and I wasn't happy with either of them and they got pulled out. So this is the official restart!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Perfect Use

Thanks so much for all of your comments on Facebook, Twitter and the blog about fingerless mitts.

There are some die hard fingerless mitten wearers out there but mostly people have mixed feelings about them.

Most people suggested that indeed a full mitten was more useful when it was cold. (I have to agree). Others suggested that they were a fashion accessory and would be best knit out of a light weight yarn instead of wool. There was some confussion around the name fingerless mitts. Mitts don't have fingers and if these are fingerless shouldn't they be called fingerless gloves? Others left comments about wearing them indoors at home or at the office. Now this I can relate to. If I had to pick one word to describe living in an old farm house "drafty" comes to mind.

Maybe having warm hands will improve my game!