Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Perfect Use

Thanks so much for all of your comments on Facebook, Twitter and the blog about fingerless mitts.

There are some die hard fingerless mitten wearers out there but mostly people have mixed feelings about them.

Most people suggested that indeed a full mitten was more useful when it was cold. (I have to agree). Others suggested that they were a fashion accessory and would be best knit out of a light weight yarn instead of wool. There was some confussion around the name fingerless mitts. Mitts don't have fingers and if these are fingerless shouldn't they be called fingerless gloves? Others left comments about wearing them indoors at home or at the office. Now this I can relate to. If I had to pick one word to describe living in an old farm house "drafty" comes to mind.

Maybe having warm hands will improve my game!


Kepanie said...

What game is that? I've never seen that before.
Love the color of your mitts. They are fun.

Caffeine Girl said...

Game? What game?

I think that you'll find the mitts useful in a drafty farmhouse.

Anonymous said...

I feel like fingerless mitts are the kind that are just a tube with a added on bit for the thumb, whereas fingerless gloves are gloves with the finger tips cut off.

So that basically, if you were to continue knitting for fingerless mitts/gloves, you should end up with a pair of mittens or gloves, depending on which it is.