Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meeting My Goal!

One of the guidelines in the Wildflower Wool Spring Cleaning Challenge is to set weekly goals for your knitting. (If you meet your goal, that gets you a point and if you do any of the techniques off the point sheet - Kitchener Stitch, three needle bind off, blocking, Garter Stitch, magic loop etc. you add to your point total. The more points you receive the better your chance of winning one of the prizes at the end of the month!)

Since I knew that this week was going to be busy and not leave me with much knitting time until Friday, I kept my goal realistic. I wanted to have half a sleeve (10.5")knit by Monday night. I am already at 12". Being ahead of schedule is a great feeling!!

Lol, on second thought, it doesn't really seem right to say I am ahead of schedule when this sweater was to be a Christmas gift!

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

At least it'll be done in time for next Christmas - you seem to be on a roll now!