Thursday, March 8, 2012


As I was looking through all of my UFOs, I thought that I would grab somehting that would be quick to finish up so that I could move it from the UFO pile to the finished pile. I decided to work on theses two ponchos.

The small one in front just needs to be sewn together and it is done. But the botton edge does roll and the neck opening looks big. There is lots of yarn left over so I think I will add some extra rows to the bottom so it lays flat and then find someone that it will fit. The little girl that is was originally intended for is now WAY too big for this poncho!

The darker blue poncho is only partly knit. It has all the live sts on a waste yarn. The challenge with this project is that I'm not sure what size needle I had been using and I don't have a clue which pattern I was knitting from. What I do know is that it is being knit top down, with 2 yo increases at the center front and back every other row. It shouldn't be too difficult to continue on. I am going to leave my waste yarn in and use it as a life line until I am sure I have the right needle size and I have the pattern back on track.


LaurieM said...

It looks like the Yarn Harlot's poncho pattern.

Some little girls will be delighted to receive those in time for spring.

Erin Kate said...

I agree with the above commenter- very Yarn Harlot! Love!

Evelyn said...

Isn't it incredible that you have two ponchos in the works? Both look really lovely. And thanks for your comment on my blog today (about the dye) -- I'm feeling very zen about it and will think of my new scarf as eccentric.

WildflowerWool said...

I am so glad that other knitters how what I am doing!! It does look exactly like the Yarn Harlot poncho.