Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning Knitting Challenge Wraps Up-Part 1

For the month of March, we have been having a fun time finishing up old projects. Along the way we have found the oldest projects that we still had on the needles, the most out of date project and got creative when we reinvented projects that were about to be ripped out into something totally different. I will show you those pictures in a few days. For right now, here are some of the projects that were finished during our challenge. There are more finished projects that I will show you tomorrow.

A purple February Lady sweater, a Lopi cowl, a summer top and a double knitting cowl.

This Fair Isle sweater was found in a thrift store partly knit. It is Briggs and Little wool with a whale pattern that I just love. Once this knitter figured out where the first knitter left off she finished the sweater and it fits her perfectly!

This wonderful ribbed sweater had a couple of "pattern issues" that had to be worked out but the sweater turned out great!

This cute summer sweater is lucky that it got finished. This knitter knew that she would be close to having enough yarn to knit this sweater and even adding in the stripes she ran out of the main colour. Luckily, she was able to find more yarn in the same dye lot (what are the chances of that) in England!! Once the yarn arrived, it took many tries (seven if I remember correctly) to get the raglan decreases to work out but she stuck with it until the sweater fit perfectly!

Some more finished projects, a really cute baby sweater, socks, stranded pillow and an afghan in a really fun pattern that I am thinking about knitting now.

Great knitting ladies!! More finished project pictures tomorrow!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lots of great work. Must feel great to have so many successful finishes!

Kepanie said...

That's so awesome how they were able to problem-solve to get those knits to work for them and finish them.