Thursday, May 17, 2012

Knitting Buttons

Last night was the Knitting Goddeses Guild meeting. The Goddesses are such a great group of Knitters; it is always a fun night when we get together!

Since September we have been working on a sampler pillow cover where each month we learn/review a different technique. Last month we talked about how to make different button holes for the flap on the top of the pillow so it only seemed natural for this month's topic to be knitting the buttons.

We practiced two different ways. One was supper simple and made a cute little button. Here is how we did it.
Cast on 15 sts
Cast off 15 sts
Leave a long tail and cut the yarn
Weave in your cast on tail
Thread a darning needle onto the cast off tail
Starting at the end without a yarn tail, roll it up into a ball
Using the darning needle pull the yarn tail back and forth through the button a few times until secure. Leave a tail to use for attaching to your project.

If you want a bigger button you can knit a row or two before casting off. You could also cast on more or less sts.

For the other button we used a button kit. But even using a dk weight yarn the knitting was too thick for the back piece of the button to snap into the front piece. So we just wove our tail all the way around the edge of the button cover and pulled it like a drawstring to pull the button cover tight around button form. You don't need a kit to do this. Any button you want to cover would work fine. Just knit the button cover larger than your button with smaller needles at a tighter gauge so what you are covering doesn't show through.


Caffeine Girl said...

Those are so clever and cute. I envy your knitting group!

Kepanie said...

Interesting bits about knitted buttons. I love your guild learns new things together.