Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free Time

What does a Knitter do when she has a few hours to herself? Finds a quiet spot to knit.

I was in Stratford yesterday and decided that I would spend my time walking and knitting along the walkway that follows the river. I found a bench in the shade so I sat and worked another square on the mitered sock pattern.

Then I walked for a bit and found this spot in the sun.

I sat and watched the swans as I knit on the sweater that Laura and I are both knitting. She is WAY ahead of me so I am trying to speed knit to catch up!

It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.


Luv2knit67 said...

Such a beautiful place to knit.

Kepanie said...

Oh how cute is that swan ohana!
You are so smart to spend your day that way.

Sarah said...

What a lovely way to spend some knitting time!

Catherine said...

I would not think of knitting walking along but sitting by a river, watching the ducks and the swans, that I would enjoy

l'Angevine said...

tricoter au bord de l'eau,c'est agréable