Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today at the fair

We arrived early at the fair today and had some time to wonder over to the barn to watch the spinning and weaving demos they were giving to groups of school kids. We arrived just minutes after these baby sheep were born.

Riding horses used to be my most favourite thing so we had to stop and watch the reining horses. If I was ever to ride and show again, this is what I would do. Such amazing sliding stops, spins and speed control. Sigh, some days I really miss my horses.

Of course I was knitting, and these two ponies seemed very interested with my moebius and were anxious to be petted.

It was nice to walk around the London Horticulture Society's display before the fair opened. It was just me, my knitting and the flowers.

Now it is back to the booth to wait for the Knitters.
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