Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finished Hand Warmers!

A finished project!
This ball of yarn and pattern were part of our goodie bag from Rhinebeck this year. One thing that I really, really want to start doing is knitting with the new yarn that I buy and not stashing it. It feels great to have used used this pattern and to have knit up this ball of yarn and in the process I have a Christmas gift.
Pattern - Lion Brand Vanna's Sequins Sparlking Knit Wristers (free pattern on ravelry) Yarn - Lion Brand Vanna's Sequins Needles - 4mm Modifications - none The yarn was great to knit with. The only tricky part was seaming the mitt with mattress stitch, the sequins didn't always like to pull through the sts without some coaxing but that wouldn't stop me from knitting with this yarn again.
If you are needing a quick gift for someone on your Christmas list, this pattern might be what you are looking for. It is knit in stocking st with a garter st edging, there is no shaping involved and it is knit flat then seamed to make the thumb opening. Super simple!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Knitter's Version of Christmas Shopping

It snowed this morning!

The Christmas season doesn't usually start at our house until Dec 1st but with the snow outside the kids were in the mood to go Christmas shopping.

They shopped. I knit. Since I am knitting most of my gifts this year, my definition of Christmas shopping is taking my knitting to the mall. As we walked by Santa my daughter took a lovely picture of me and my knitting.

Thankully we arrived at the mall early and we were ready to leave as the crowds arrived. It certainly takes away the Christmas spirit when you can't find a parking spot and then you have to line up to pay for your gifts.

I hope everyone's Christmas knitting is on schedule!!
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fibre Art Festival and Sale

This event is going on this weekend at the Covent Garden Market in London.

There are talented ladies demonstrating spinning, weaving, tatting, lace making and rug hooking.

We watched and asked questions about naalbinding, needle tatting and weaving.
We were very lucky to catch the lady that was showing the naalbinding as she was only there today for a short while and won't be back on Sunday. It was very interesting to learn this technique was developed back in the stone age way before knitting and crochet and that she leaned this skill while in Sweden. There isn't any knitting needles or crochet hooks involved. You use a length of wool threaded onto what looks like a large darning needle to make your sts. This is something to add to our "how to learn someday list".

There is also a good selection of handmade items for sale that included some knitted items and a pillow done in Swedish Weaving.

If you are looking for something fun to do tomorrow, head to the market and check it out!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Knitting Night Out

Last Monday night the Knitting Goddesses were invited to join the London and Area Knitters at the Wool Boutique to hear Daphnie from Farmable Fibers talk about dyeing wool, hemp and silk; very informative!

Of course, after the talk there was time for some yarn shopping and time to just sit and knit or to chat with other Knitters. Christy was so helpful to wind everyone's purchases so it was ready to knit with when we got home.

Thanks Laurie for inviting us. We'll have to get both groups together again for more knitting fun!
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Swedish Weaving

Yesterday, my Aunt and I had a crash course in Swedish Weaving from my Grandma's cousin Norma Jean. Norma Jean has made hundreds of afghans using this embrodery technique. I have never been really interested in needlework but this got my attention; possibly because you do the weaving with yarn. We were greeted by Stedman, Norma Jean's cat. He is a Scottish Fold. Isn't he beautiful. He wasn't so sure about having strangers in his house.
Eventually, cusiosity got the best of him and he came closer to see what was going on.
Norma Jean is explaining how to read the charts to us. They are harder to follow than you first think. You find the center of your cloth and the pattern is worked in sections from the center out.
Stedman didn't let the fact that we had monks cloth and patterns piled on his chair stop him from getting comfy.
This is what we accomplished in an afternoon. Don't look too closely at it, there is a mistake in it. It has some similarities to counted cross stitch where you have to count the squares and the number of sts and at some point we counted wrong. I will never say that a knitting pattern is hard to read ever again. I highlighed the next row that is to be worked. With all the ups and downs, highlighting the row really helps to see where you are to work next.
It was fun, and I plan to keep playing with it and eventually start an actual project. But, not to worry, I won't be giving up my knitting!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yesterday's Fun

I was invited to join some wonderful Knitters at the market for a morning of knitting. While there, I started the decreases for the Crest of the Wave scarf. The rows are getting shorter so hopefully this will be finished in a day or two.

After we were finished knitting I wondered around the market and found where the new book sale was going on. There were lots of knitting books for sale but I showed great restraint.

Then it was off to find some more wire for knitting jewellery then home for more scarf knitting.

A day filled with knitting is my kind of day!
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Thursday, November 8, 2012


For the second morning in a row I have gone for an early morning walk. It was cold this morning so I pulled out my fingerless mitts. I was perfectly warm except for my fingers (go figure!). Tomorow, it's full mittens for me!

I'm not sure what running around taking pictures of my knitting in the leaves and in the parking lot on a chilly morning is saying to my new neighbours; the people I am trying to meet and hopefully make friends with. I probably don't want to know do I!

Hope you all have your hand knit mittens ready for when the cold weather arrives in your neck of the woods.

Happy Knitting!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Charity Knitting in Full Swing

In between Christmas knitting, I have been working on charity knitting. I finished the three hats that I found last week. They are just plain hats knit from part balls of acrylic but they will keep someone warm this winter.
My newest project is the Crest of the Wave Baktus scarf knit using Patons Kroy sock yarn. I am really enjoying the simple 12 row pattern. It is a nice change from the stocking stitch afghan.
Happy knitting everyone!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hat Knitting

As I have been unpacking over the last couple of weeks, I came across a few more unfinished projects than I would have liked to have found.

These 3 hats were started at the Western Fair in September for charity. The red one is all ready to start the decreases. It is absolutely going to be a man's hat. It's on the big side. The coral hat is getting close to decreasing and the pink hat just has the ribbing finished.

Looks like I have my tv knitting for the next few nights all figured out. Hopefully the next picture is of them all finished.

Happy Knitting!
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