Thursday, November 8, 2012


For the second morning in a row I have gone for an early morning walk. It was cold this morning so I pulled out my fingerless mitts. I was perfectly warm except for my fingers (go figure!). Tomorow, it's full mittens for me!

I'm not sure what running around taking pictures of my knitting in the leaves and in the parking lot on a chilly morning is saying to my new neighbours; the people I am trying to meet and hopefully make friends with. I probably don't want to know do I!

Hope you all have your hand knit mittens ready for when the cold weather arrives in your neck of the woods.

Happy Knitting!
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Mereknits said...

I can imagine the new neighbors peeking out the window looking at the crazy lady with her knitting and a camera. Very funny.
Happy Thursday,

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm pretty sure my neighbours think I'm weird for taking odd knit pics too!

Pumpkin said...

Oh such pretty gloves! Good for you for taking early morning walks, they are so healthy! I'm a fellow knitter, so if I saw my neighbors doing that I would be really excited and probably run out to join you.

Kepanie said...

Oh, those are f-u-n! I think of juicy, drippin' melons. What a comfort to think of during cold weather.

Brian Baker said...

Hmmm....THIS weekend you probably won't need gloves at all! But I know what you mean, there's been a couple of times out running when I've wished I had mittens or gloves. Made sure the REST of me was all bundled, just forgot my fingers!