Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

December is here so that means Christmas decorating is in full swing! Mom and I spent a day gathering greenery for our outdoor winter arrangements. This type of thing is definitely not my specialty but it was fun spending the day with my Mom and I think the pots look wintery and festive.
I know someone who doesn't like Christmas. I know, I can't believe it either. So, I am trying to get her into the Christmas spirit with some Christmasy things :)
Has anyone tried cutting glass? I hadn't either but thanks to Pintrest and Youtube I found out that it isn't hard to do at all. I had broken one of my favourite candle holders
and wanted to try and salvage it. This is what we did. Wrapped the end with tinfoil, soaked some cotton yarn in nail polish remover, tied the yarn around were we wanted the glass to break and lit the yarn on fire over a sink of cold water.
When the flame went out we put the end we were cutting into the cold water. According to the videos we had watched this alone should have cut the glass but what we were cutting was very thick and the glass was cracked but not enough to break. We poured boiling water on the yarn then put it back into the cold water and with a little tapping on the cut end it worked! Now, it isn't perfect, it did crack up the side a bit and a small piece broke out of it but it is WAY better than it was when we started. The next step was a little bit of sanding. We also used the electric sander because we wanted to even out the edge where the piece had broken.
It isn't perfect but is it darn close and it is useable!
On the knitting front, the afghan is getting closer to being finished everyday. My goal is to have it ready for the crochet edging by Sunday. I have started a sock now that the afghan is getting to big to cart everywhere with me. The needles and yarn feel sooooo tiny!!


seeyouat5 said...

Wow! I wouldn't decide to cut the glass myself. It sounds quite dangerous but it seems it worked for you.
I feel that Xmass are near- it's so nice! Today snowed in Warsaw.

Brian Baker said...


Caffeine Girl said...

Your foray into glasswork is pretty brave! What a great way to avoid filling our landfills.

Kepanie said...

You are so brave! I've been seeing that trick all over Pinterest.
You and your mum are so cute. Why doesn't the woman like Christmas?