Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cats Enjoy Christmas Too

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone in our family is in the Christmas mood; even the cat.

Since it is the Christmas season, I can see where the beds, quilts, pillows, couch and knitted afghans just won't do for a comfy place to sleep.

I can understand that anyone small enough to fit under the Christmas tree - with it's decorations, lights and the gifts wrapped in pretty paper with ribbons and bows - would choose that for their napping spot. 

Please feel free to knock down a branch along with some of the decorations and enjoy your nap.

(Really, I should just the thankful the tree is still standing!)


Mereknits said...

YOur cat has a lot of work to do and you just keep getting in the darlings way putting it all back together.

Alyssa said...

One of my favorite books growing up was "That cat that climbed the Christmas tree" :) I loved it, but now that I'm older I see why my parents always laughed when we read it. We always had a cat in the house.

Kepanie said...

LOL! Things that can swing around in fun are just too much temptation.