Thursday, December 13, 2012

Knit Candy Cane Pattern

Wildflower Wool
Super Simple Knit Candy Cane

Finished Size
Approx 3 1/2” high once shaped into candy cane, (can be knit to any desired length)
Yarn small amounts of red and white worsted weight yarn, 3 grams of each colour is lots
Needle – 4mm dpns or circular
6” piece of pipe cleaner or jewellery wire (If you are making a taller candy cane cut your wire 1” longer than the length of your i-cord before shaping)
Darning needle
No gauge required!
*This candy cane is made by knitting i-cord. To do this, you knit your row but do not turn your work around after the last st. Instead, slide the sts back to the right hand needle point so your working yarn is attached to the far left stitch. Knit as usual across the row by pulling the working yarn tightly around from the left to the far right to knit the first st. Knit to the end of the row. Repeat this for each row.
*To knit the wire into the center of the i-cord, make sure that the working yarn is pulled around behind the wire for the first st of every row. To knit the next 2 sts, let the wire sit at the back of your work out of the way of your working yarn and sts and knit as normal.
*To carry the non working colour, lay the non working colour against the back of the pipe cleaner for the first st of each row so that it is caught by the working yarn.

Cast on 3 sts in red
Hold the wire behind your sts
Working in i-cord, knit 4 rows in red
Change to white and continue in i-cord for 4 rows remembering to carry the non working yarn
Repeat stripe pattern until your i-cord measures 5” ending with 4 rows of red
Cast off
Weave in all ends
Pay close attention to the cast off end, weave in so that it closes the i-cord into a tube.
Trim off excess wire
Bend to shape


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