Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year's Project

It seemed appropriate on New Year's Eve that I should stop into a LYS. (That seems logical to more than just me right??).

While there I saw this pattern book and quickly decided without looking at it, that I needed it for two reasons. 1) I love Fair Isle knitting and 2) I have all the other books in this "Next Step" series. Again, this makes sense right?

I am so glad that I came home with this book. I love the patterns and it is going to help me with one of my knitting goals for this year.

I have always wanted to find a book or magazine that I wanted to knit all the patterns in it. This is the book.

My challenge:
1) begin at the front of the book and knit the patterns in order.
2) there are nine patterns so if I figure one per month and two months for the sweaters and that still leaves me one month for catch up if needed to have everything knit by the end of the year.
3) this book is divided into sections. Each one gives instructions for the techniques needed to knit the projects. Each section is more advanced but stops short of steeking. Even though I have knit lots of Fair Isle projects some of these techniques are different so I am going to give them a try and knit the project using the books directions.
4) since Patons Classic Wool is one of my favourite yarns and I have loads and loads of it in my stash, I am going to knit everything from stash yarn.

January's project is a head band.


Jo-anne Blossy said...

It sounds like you have yourself organised :) What a great challenge you have set yourself.

Pumpkin said...

Great goals! It might be a little challenging, but imagine how happy you will be when you complete each one of them!

Mereknits said...

How fun! I think it is a great idea, see it just goes to show you it always makes sense to stop by the yarn store.

Kepanie said...

What a great find! It'll be fun to see your progress through this booklet.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

This is an AWESOME plan. I've been knitting through books over the last couple of years and it's really been a revelation. Sometimes it's just the motivation you need to try something new or step outside your comfort zone. The most surprising thing is that my favourites are often not the ones I'd have picked for myself.

And hurray for knitting from stash!

millefeuilles said...

Hello and Happy New Year to you! I absolutely love your project idea for this year. I have often been tempted to do this with various knitting books I have purchased but always find one or two patterns I'm not terribly keen on. You have inspired me to think about this super idea again. I'm off to follow you now so that I may see your progress (no pressure then!).


kylen said...

This is a really cool idea! I'm excited to see what you end up making! :)