Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pullover KAL Progress

My pullover for our Wildflower Wool Monday night knitting group KAL is knitting up super quick. 

It's simple knitting, no colour work, no cables, no lace just round after round of knitting to make a warm, comfy sweater.  I know some Knitters dread endless rounds of mindless knitting but I love it.  So, after a week and a half of knitting here it is all squished onto one long circular needle.

It always surprises me how big (sigh....) the sweater looks once the stitches are spread out onto 3 circular needles so it can be tried on to see if it fits.

It appears that it does.  I have been modifying the pattern as I have been knitting to make it more fitted.  So far so good.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Looks perfect! I'm not usually a fan of mindless knitting but it's the right choice for knitting with a group. I get easily distracted and usually make a mess of anything more complicated :)

ooey gooey knits said...

How fun! I am definitely not a sweater knitter so am always impressed by those who are!

Pumpkin said...

It fits perfectly, obviously you are getting the shaping just right! I don't particularly like mindless knitting, but I can understand the appeal, it can be lulling and like meditation.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I always have to alter all of my clothing as well..

Caffeine Girl said...

It looks like it's coming out perfectly.

I used to read those cozy mysteries, too, but now I prefer something darker. I really the Scandinavian mysteries that are so popular now.

Kepanie said...

A great fit upon you.