Sunday, March 31, 2013

Knitting Patterns!!

Here are this past week's free knitting patterns that I posted on Wildflower Wool's facebook page. Enjoy!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Mystery Project Finished!

My posts have been not as frequent lately but that doesn't mean that I haven't been knitting!  Quite the opposite in fact; I have lots on the needles right now.

For the last while I had been knitting on a mystery project for our knitting guild's March meeting.  Each month at the guild meetings, I hand out a Stitch of the Month.  I had decided that it would be fun to have a challenge to see what everyone could came up with using as many of the Stitch of the Month patterns as they liked and to come up with a "mystery" project that would be revealed at the March meeting.

I dug through my stash and came up these part balls of Patons Classic Wool.

Using 8 different stitch patterns I knit them into a chair cover for my mystery project. 
Royal Purple - Woven Herringbone Stitch
Natural Mix - Hindu Pillar Stitch
Current - Dimple Stitch
Leaf Green - Garter Slip Stitch
Yellow - Raised Rib
Orchid - Rick Rack Rib
Blue - Chunky Bamboo Stitch
Lemongrass - Bee stitch
Even though it was fun knitting the different sts and coming up with this fun, brightly coloured chair I don't think I will be covering the other 3 chairs to match anytime soon.  I have already cast on a pair of mitts and another shawl :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I finished my Roller Coaster Triangle scarf the other night.  I can't wait to wear it for Easter this weekend.

Yarn - 1 ball of Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn
Needle - 3.25mm circular needle
Modifications - none
Love of this Pattern - Love it!  I will be knitting more!

As you can see, I used the entire ball except for this tiny bit.

This scarf was fun to knit and is the perfect pattern for that one ball of sock yarn you don't want to knit into socks.  The pattern is super easy to knit so this makes it a great project to carry with you and pull out to knit where ever you are.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Week's Free Patterns

Kujeillen a fabulous fingerless mitt pattern.  Love the cable pattern on these!

This Circular Shrug looks like something I would wear for sure.

For all you Knitter's who love double knitting, this is for you! Claddagh Pot Holder

Tulipes Cowl is a gorgeous lace cowl.

Aren't these the cutest?  I am not a big toy knitter but these I just might have to knit Flower Power Elephant

Happy Knitting!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Fun Free Knitting Patterns!

I have decided that I will use Sunday's blog to share with you the links for the free patterns that I have posted on facebook that week instead of posting them everyday so check back on Sunday's for some fun, free knitting patterns!




Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today's Patterns

Wednesday's Free Pattern is the Infinitude Scarf.  I love these scarves that can be wrapped around as a double cowl or left single as a long scarf.

I also found a pattern to purchase that I wanted to share with you.  The designer is Torirot's Designs and I have been following her blog forever.  You all know that I love fair isle knitting and I love flowers so this pattern is a winner for me.  Earlier today this pattern was on Ravelry's Hot Right Now List (congratulations!).  If you love colour work, take a look at this Blomekrans Vest

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday and Tuesday's Free Patterns

Monday's Pattern
After being at the alpaca farm on Sunday, and coming home with 25g of alpaca lace weight, I was in need of a pattern.  This is what I found Ice Queen.


Tuesday's Pattern
Since Winter has decided to stick around a bit longer here is a cable mitten pattern Chevalier Mittens.  Don't these look fun?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ziraldo Alpaca's Farm Tour and Workshop

Yesterday was the perfect day for a farm tour; the sun was out and it felt like Spring! 
With 30 alpacas on the farm there were lots of photo opportunities; here are some of my favourites.
This little lady is only 9 months old and she is sharing a pen in the barn with her half sister.

This is her fiber.  It is so long and soft and you can see the crimp in it. Beautiful.

Here are some more of the girls.

These two were very friendly :)

Next were the boys....

Shamrock was a vey friendly young man.  I love the dark brown on his nose and the curly fiber on his cheeks!   Here he is visiting with Nadine.
This is one  of my favourite boys, Panettone. I love his chocolate brown colour.

Two more boys came to say hello and to have a neck rub.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with alpaca fiber (really, isn't this the best way to spend an afternoon?!?).  We made these great bird nesting material hangers with alpaca fiber that wasn't suitable for spinning into yarn.  I think the birds in our area will be in for a treat this Spring, alpaca lined nests :) 
Then we moved onto making felted soap.  It was fun seeing the colours everyone picked to use for their project and with Debbie's clear instructions it was very easy and fun to do.
Thanks Debbie for a great afternoon!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday's Free Pattern

If you have been looking for a top down lace shawl check out the Ashton Shawlette

For the shawlette version the pattern calls for 1 ball of sock yarn but by knitting extra repeats you can increase the size. If you click on the link on Dee's Ravelry page you will see a larger shawl knit with beads.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Free Pattern

If you follow Wildflower Wool on facebook, you will know that every day I post a link to a free pattern. 

I know not everyone is on facebook and I had a Knitter ask me today if I could share these patterns on my blog.  Of course I can!

If you have knit the February Lady Sweater you will want to check this pattern out.  Socks that match, that's right, February Lady Socks!

picture from Designer, Kate Atherly
Happy Knitting!

Sweater Wool Has Arrived!

A while back I mentioned that I was waiting for the wool I had ordered from Patons to arrive. It arrived a while ago, they were very quick with the shipping, it has just taken me a while to have a chance to start knitting with it.  Here it is!

I love the colours that I decided on and can't wait to start the fair isle sweater.  First though, the gauge swatch.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekends are for knitting

Saturday night was spent with 2 of my best knitting friends and we had a great night of knitting.

Sunday was supposed to have been a quiet, relaxing day with not much planned except a few loads of laundry and some knitting.

When I got a message from one of the Knitters from the night before saying she was heading to the local yarn shop and did I want to join her, I didn't think twice before answering yes.  The laundry could wait.

The yarn shop seemed to be the place to be.  Another fellow Knitter (Hi Linda!) that I met back in the fall was there buying yarn for some new projects as well.  What are the chances of us being there at the same time?  It was great to have a chance to chat; good luck with those two at at time socks!

Of course it is impossible to just look and not come home with at least one ball of yarn.  This is what caught my eye.  An 800m Lace Ball.  The possibilities....

I couldn't help but cast on and play around with a lace pattern.  I think this will be pulled out be I love how it knits up.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Next Steps - Fair Isle Knitting - Project 2

My personal challenge to knit all the projects from the Patons Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting pattern book is well underway.  February's knitting project was a fun cowl.
Pattern - Chevron Cowl
Yarn - Patons Classic Wool in colours Lemongrass and That's Purple
Needle - 4.5mm circular

This cowl was knit with the left overs from the  Graphic Grid Headband  only with the main colour and the contrast colour reversed.  What a difference it makes switching the main colour!
Again, this is a great beginner project for someone new to fair isle knitting.  The simple pattern is clearly charted with detailed instructions explaining how to knit from the chart. Like the first project in the book, this pattern has a short pattern repeat so there is no stranding to contend with so you can just focus on getting comfortable knitting from a chart and working with two colours.  
Knit in the round on a circular needle there is no seaming to finish this cowl.

The wrong side looks almost as good as the right side.

this is the wrong side
 When you get a thumbs up from a teenager, you know you have a winning pattern!