Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekends are for knitting

Saturday night was spent with 2 of my best knitting friends and we had a great night of knitting.

Sunday was supposed to have been a quiet, relaxing day with not much planned except a few loads of laundry and some knitting.

When I got a message from one of the Knitters from the night before saying she was heading to the local yarn shop and did I want to join her, I didn't think twice before answering yes.  The laundry could wait.

The yarn shop seemed to be the place to be.  Another fellow Knitter (Hi Linda!) that I met back in the fall was there buying yarn for some new projects as well.  What are the chances of us being there at the same time?  It was great to have a chance to chat; good luck with those two at at time socks!

Of course it is impossible to just look and not come home with at least one ball of yarn.  This is what caught my eye.  An 800m Lace Ball.  The possibilities....

I couldn't help but cast on and play around with a lace pattern.  I think this will be pulled out be I love how it knits up.


Tori said...
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torirot said...

Good for you!
Have a nice week!

Pumpkin said...

You couldn't have picked out a better yarn too, this project looks like a fun one! I'm glad you have a yarny paradise to escape to!

Catherine said...

my yarny impulse buys seem always to be lace weight - there seems to be so many more possisbilities

Kepanie said...

How fun to have an enabler! I have a ball of Zauberball that I need to knit up one day this year.