Monday, March 11, 2013

Ziraldo Alpaca's Farm Tour and Workshop

Yesterday was the perfect day for a farm tour; the sun was out and it felt like Spring! 
With 30 alpacas on the farm there were lots of photo opportunities; here are some of my favourites.
This little lady is only 9 months old and she is sharing a pen in the barn with her half sister.

This is her fiber.  It is so long and soft and you can see the crimp in it. Beautiful.

Here are some more of the girls.

These two were very friendly :)

Next were the boys....

Shamrock was a vey friendly young man.  I love the dark brown on his nose and the curly fiber on his cheeks!   Here he is visiting with Nadine.
This is one  of my favourite boys, Panettone. I love his chocolate brown colour.

Two more boys came to say hello and to have a neck rub.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with alpaca fiber (really, isn't this the best way to spend an afternoon?!?).  We made these great bird nesting material hangers with alpaca fiber that wasn't suitable for spinning into yarn.  I think the birds in our area will be in for a treat this Spring, alpaca lined nests :) 
Then we moved onto making felted soap.  It was fun seeing the colours everyone picked to use for their project and with Debbie's clear instructions it was very easy and fun to do.
Thanks Debbie for a great afternoon!


Mereknits said...

Wow, I am so jealous. What a fantastic way to spend the day. How cute are all those babies? Love this post so much.

Madeleine said...

Oooh, so darn cute! I'd love to go fiber exploring like that! ^.^

Alyssa said...

Oh wow, makings birds nest materials out of it is so cute! I have a bunch of stray yarn, but I'm not sure how to put it out for the birds, or if they'll take it.

Kepanie said...

Oh boy, how cool to be able to pop over to an alpaca farm! And to be able to play with their fiber? Lucky. They are so cute and I didn't know they were so friendly.