Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning

 I was doing a little cleaning up in my yarn room and came across this unfinished project that has been sitting in a bag for a lot of years.

Way back when my daughter was swimming three times a week I started this while watching/waiting for her at practices and competitions. It was going to be a bath mat for our downstairs bathroom. 
Well, we no longer live in that house so I am thinking of using it as a mat at our front door instead. 


And yes, it is crochet.  Maybe that is the reason it got stuck away never to be seen again!  The best way to describe my crochet skills is "free style"  I think I am doing a double crochet but I'm not really sure.  As for the pattern, I am winging it as I go; a few rows of white, a few rows of green :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Next Patons Project Is On The Needles!

 My March/April project from the Paton's pattern book Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting is a pullover sweater. 

To be honest, March seemed to fly by and this sweater has now become an April project. Thankfully I am knitting with the bulky Classic Wool Roving so it is knitting up super quick!

The body is knit up to the arms and the first sleeve is 3" from being ready to join onto the body of the sweater for the colour work yoke.  Yay, the fun part is almost here!!

These are the colours that I picked out for the colour work.  I had thought of combining the white and yellow and the grey and green.  If the second sleeve knits up as quickly as the first one did, I think I will have some time to play around with the colour combinations and still have the sweater finished by the end of the month.
Any suggestions??  Grey and white, green and white, yellow and green, yellow and grey.....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yarn Harlot Workshop!!

On Saturday, we had the Yarn Harlot out to our guild to teach a full day workshop on Knitting Speed and Efficiency.  It was an amazing day!

Before the workshop began, we had one of the community center employees stop in to give knitting a try.  Stephanie showed him how to knit a stitch or two using my large needles.  I'm not so sure he will be taking up knitting any time soon but he was a good sport to give it a try!

Stephanie shared lots of great information about the history of knitting, had us trying various ways of knitting and purling, really reinforced good body position to prevent repetitive strain injuries and was always available for some one on one help.

Along with the picking (continental) and throwing (english) styles of knitting, Stephanie had us give the Portuguese style of knitting a try.  The working yarn goes around your neck and you work only purl stitches with the yarn in your left hand.  Yes, that's right, just purl sts.  Once Stephanie pointed out that I was wrapping the yarn around my needle backwards (ooops!) it was really easy and quick to do.

From Portegues knitting we moved onto Lever Knitting.  This is something that isn't mastered in one day of instruction (or a couple more days of practicing at home!).  You have to change up how you hold the yarn and needles but with lots of practice (I'm not giving up) you can greatly increase the speed at which you knit.

 An alternative way to hold your right hand needle when Lever Knitting is to use a knitting belt; all of us gave it a try. It is definitely a different way to knit!

If you haven't been to one of Stephanie's workshops I highly recommend it.  We all had a great day.  Stephanie is so knowledgeable, has a great teaching style and is super funny.  We are already looking forward to having her back for another workshop!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Waiting for Spring...

The last couple of days were cold and there have been snow flakes in the air; it hasn't felt much like Spring.  So what did I decide to knit?


One way or another it's going to start looking like Spring around here!