Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning

 I was doing a little cleaning up in my yarn room and came across this unfinished project that has been sitting in a bag for a lot of years.

Way back when my daughter was swimming three times a week I started this while watching/waiting for her at practices and competitions. It was going to be a bath mat for our downstairs bathroom. 
Well, we no longer live in that house so I am thinking of using it as a mat at our front door instead. 


And yes, it is crochet.  Maybe that is the reason it got stuck away never to be seen again!  The best way to describe my crochet skills is "free style"  I think I am doing a double crochet but I'm not really sure.  As for the pattern, I am winging it as I go; a few rows of white, a few rows of green :)


Kepanie said...

That does look like DC. I love the green and white together in those stripes.

Mereknits said...

I love it and I think you should finish it. It will look great when it is done.

Caffeine Girl said...

Very cute. And it doesn't look unplanned at all.

Brian Baker said...

And vertical stripes are so thinning!