Friday, April 19, 2013

The Next Patons Project Is On The Needles!

 My March/April project from the Paton's pattern book Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting is a pullover sweater. 

To be honest, March seemed to fly by and this sweater has now become an April project. Thankfully I am knitting with the bulky Classic Wool Roving so it is knitting up super quick!

The body is knit up to the arms and the first sleeve is 3" from being ready to join onto the body of the sweater for the colour work yoke.  Yay, the fun part is almost here!!

These are the colours that I picked out for the colour work.  I had thought of combining the white and yellow and the grey and green.  If the second sleeve knits up as quickly as the first one did, I think I will have some time to play around with the colour combinations and still have the sweater finished by the end of the month.
Any suggestions??  Grey and white, green and white, yellow and green, yellow and grey.....


LaurieM said...

Green and white is my choice. The grey has the same value as the orange. The yellow might be okay as a small accent.

But your best bet is to swatch and swatch again. Have fun!

Kepanie said...

I think grey, white, and green will look good with the orange. Funny how that is considered roving. Is it because there are no plies?

Sue said...

I love the grey and white but it is up to you.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

One more vote for grey and white - that orange body is bold enough!

Sava said...

I seem to be alone in this, but I think the yellow and white would look nice.

Also, that yarn just looks so soft and fluffy! That sweater is going to be amaaaazing.