Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lots On the Needles

I think I've gotten overly ambitious.  Here are 6 skeins of yarn, patterns and started projects that are currently in my knitting bag and I am waiting for 2 more Lucy Neatby patterns to arrive at my lys.  These were supposed to be my May projects.  This is a classic case of thinking I knit faster than I actually do! I think a more accurate description of 3 lace weight shawls, a sweater, pair of mitts and a fair isle hat would be my summer projects.

In an attempt to make some progress I got together with some friends and we worked on the lace shawl that we are all knitting together.

This our progress so far.  It has certainly been a project full of learning opportunities to say the least and we are just past the bottom edging.  We're really hoping the body of this shawl knits up problem free to make up for the stree the edging caused!

I had to share this last picture with you.  Luca has decided that my knitting bag is a great napping place.  He has good taste.  He is snuggled up to a skein of alpaca!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Oh that picture of Luca is just precious. I'd like to curl up in yarn too :)

Mereknits said...

I love that you are all knitting it together, what fun.

Madeleine said...

Don't you just love that inspired feeling when in the beginning of a new project (or lots of them!) ^.^

Caffeine Girl said...

Ah, a bad case of startitis! I've fallen victim to it a few times. It is fun to start something!

Kepanie said...

He must feel like he's in kitty heaven in your home. What a lucky cat. I find it so cool that you and your knitting buddies are working on the same project. My gosh, do you turn into an Animagus, like an octopus to work on all of those projects?