Monday, May 13, 2013

Three Days with Lucy Neatby!

At the beginning of May, one of our local yarn stores, The Wool Boutique hosted 3 days of knitting classes taught by the amazing Lucy Neatby! 
The first day of class was a full day learning about short rows and the various techniques we can use to knit short rows, when and how to pick up those wrapped sts and ways short rows can be used in our knitting.  Lots of great info.
 The next morning was all about picking up stitches and knitting bands and buttonholes!

Would you think this would end up as a buttonhole?

It does! Lucy calls these Magic Buttonholes and they really are magic.

Then the afternoon was all about steeks and cutting your knitting. This is always a lot of fun and a little nerve wracking when you pick up those scissors to make that first cut! 

The last day of classes was all about knitting toe up socks. This was the easiest way I have ever started a toe up sock.  We did the toe in garter stitch but it can also be knit in stocking st.
This is the after thought heel in progress.
What an amazing three days!  If you ever have a chance to go to one of Lucy's classes, GO! She has a great teaching style and so much knitting knowledge to share!

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Kepanie said...

Wat a phenomenal experience! Whatever you paid for this three day treat, it was well worth it.