Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spinrite Tent Sale!

Yesterday was the first day of the 2 week Spinrite Tent Sale  in Listowel, Ontario.  It is amazing to say the least.  It is totally worth a couple of hours driving for the deals.  Here is a recap of our shopping trip.

There were free patterns to pick up on the way into the tent.

Then we were off to spend a couple of hours yarn shopping both in the tent and in the store.  When you buy 3 bags of the same yarn you get the 4th free.  How can you resist a deal like that?  I had to recruit two of the Knitting Goddesses to help me sort out my sock yarn.

We all managed to fill one or two bags with yarn and the lucky Knitter in the picture below came away with 4 full bags!! She wasn't kidding when she said was on a mission to come home with a stash of yarn.

This is what I brought home and it all fit into one bag.  I am very proud of the restraint that I showed this year.

Here is a closer look.  4 bags of Classic Wool and the rest is Kroy sock yarn.  What can I say, there was a great selection of sock yarn colours this year ;)

I did some math and this is how it all broke down.  20 balls of Classic Wool and 123 balls of Kroy sock yarn; hmmm, maybe I did get a little carried away there.

My budget was $200 and I spent $193.  One of our local stores is selling Classic Wool for $6.99 and Kroy for $7.99 if I had bought all of this yarn there the total would have been $1,122.57 a $929 savings.  Crazy.

I also made it into the background of the Crochet Crowd's video standing in line to pay.  If I had known I would have done something worthy of being in a video like hold up my yarn or at least smile! (I am at the 34-36 sec mark on the left)


Caffeine Girl said...

I agree that you were very disciplined. Those prices make for crazy deals!

Kepanie said...

OoO (eyes agog and mouth hanging wide open...)

Frieda said...

Did I just read 123 balls of sock yarn , oh my , lucky you , that was an amazing savings ! Enjoy ...