Friday, September 13, 2013

Knitting Fun at the Fair

I have spent all this past week at the fair demonstrating different knitting techniques and talking to lots of knitters.  Here's a look at the fun.


At the booth beside me is a group of high school and university students who have formed a robotics club. They have their robot with them and when they aren't busy doing demos with the robot I have them knitting!

This lady belongs to the Embroidery Guild and was showing me her necklace/scarf that she knit out of silk.  

I had a surprise visit from a friend and we managed to get her knitting too!

Even the staff of the Western Fair has been stopping by to chat and knit.

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Kepanie said...

I can't read about your wonderful adventures for some reason as I'm having a hard time viewing the print on the phone here in the cafe. However, from the terrific pictures you've taken, I love seeing so many smiling faces knitting!