Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Hand Dyed Results!

Last night at our Monday night knitting group more yarn was brought in from our solar dyeing afternoon.

The top three grey coloured sock yarn balls were dyed with Kool Aid.  Isn't it amazing what shades you can end up with when those bright colours are mixed together!  The rest of the skeins were dyed with Wilton cake icing dyes. 

This in progress sock was dyed with Wilton cake icing dyes as well.  What I find amazing is that the sock this Knitter decided to knit with this yarn is shown in the pattern book in almost the same colour.  What a coincidence (and great dyeing!)!!

Last but not least is my new sock in progress using my worsted weight wool dyed with Wiltons cake icing dyes.  This solar dyeing experiment has certainly been lots of fun and has produced some wonderful yarns!

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Kepanie said...

You and your group have come out with such cool variegations! I love that purple and brown together. I will have to try this one day.