Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Secret Knitting

Tonight's job is finishing up a test knit on a new sock pattern for Kate Atherley.  Since I am sworn to secrecy about the pattern details until the pattern is released later this fall all I can tell you is that I am loving this pattern!

I thought Daisy might want to be the main focus of this picture since I can't show you the sock.  Apparently not.  I think this is the "go away, get that sock out of my face, I am trying to sleep look".  Don't worry about Daisy's lack of enthusiasm, I am sure that all you sock Knitter's will love Kate's latest sock pattern.


Kepanie said...

Your cat is so good about not playing with your tempting yarn.

Mereknits said...

I think Daisy looks very comfortable. Another blogger friend of mine is a test knitter, I think you should write a post about how you go about becoming a test knitter. I don't knit socks, or lace shawls like she does, but I think the process is fascinating.
Good luck on the sock.