Friday, October 11, 2013

Store Bought vs Hand Knit Quality

The last time I saw my daughter wearing one of her favourite store bought cardigans I noticed a huge hole in the sleeve with stitches dropping in every direction. It was a Knitter's nightmare!  So of course I offered to fix the hole for her.  

I picked up the live stitches on the top and bottom of the hole, picked up as many dropped stitches as I could and graphed the 2 rows of stitches back together. 

When I actually straightened out the sleeve to look at my handy work (where the needle is pointing in top pic) I was pleased with my "patch" job but was shocked to see the quality of the seam on the outside of the sleeve (where needle is pointing in bottom pic). This is the right side of the sweater!?!?!? 

I'm a pretty easy going Knitter and don't always pull out all of my mistakes if they really can't be noticed but THIS I would be fixing for sure.  Maybe I should reknit the whole sweater....or maybe I should contact the manufacturer and let them know that I offer knitting classes focusing on finishing techniques such as the mattress stitch!!!


Kepanie said...

Amen sista!

Alyssa said...

Wow... that's pretty bad. I would have problems wearing a sweater like that, though I doubt anyone but other knitters would notice!

That reminds me, I have a hole in my brand new store-bought sweater. The stitches are so tiny I think I'm going to patch it instead of graft it...

Madeleine said...

Agreed! I try to avoid looking too closely at store bought seams - what a horror show :D