Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thorndale Knitters - Learn to Knit Info

This afternoon was the second Learn to Knit class at Ziraldo Alpacas.  It is always fun to be greeted by the alpacas when I arrive!  I know that the grey alpaca is Rosemary but I am not sure who her friend is but she was very friendly.

We went through a lot of new techniques today so as promised here are some pictures along with a description that will hopefully help if you get stuck along the way this week while knitting at home.
Garter Stitch (see picture below)
When you knit every stitch of every row (no purling in Garter Stitch) you get these ridges. This is what you all knit last week.  Garter stitch works great for an edging so your work doesn't curl.

Stocking Stitch
When you knit on the right side of your work (where the stitches make a "V") and when you turn your work you purl on the wrong side (the side with the bumps).  Remember to "do what you see".  When you have your needles all set to start working the next stitch; look at your stitches.  What do you see?  If you see V's you knit, if you see bumps you purl.
Knit into the front of the stitch - needle into the stitch, wrap it and scoop it under leaving the old st on the left needle.
Pull the right needle a tiny bit towards you, then swing it behind the left needle, then pick up the back of the stitch on the left needle needle tip to needle tip. Continue knitting this st by wrapping the back needle, pull/scoop it back through the st on the left needle and let the st fall off the left needle.

You will see a wrap around the bottom of the increased stitch

With the yarn in front of your work, insert the right needle from right to left in front of the left needle, wrap the front needle counter clockwise, scoop the right needle under the leg of the st on the left needle, slide the old st off the left needle.
 Casting Off
Knit 2 sts onto the right needle,

 pick up the back stitch needle tip to needle tip,
and lift it up, over and off the right needle, pull the left needle out.  Knit one more st so that you are back to 2 sts on the right needle and continue to the end of the row.
I hope this helps!  Good luck with your stocking stitch and increases for the top of your mitten.  If you get stuck please email me and we will get you back on track.
Happy Knitting!!


Kepanie said...

How fun to teach among cute, wooly inspiration.

Mereknits said...

What a beautiful place to have a class, Hi Rosemary and friend.

Catherine said...

Alpacas are just all round lovely - such cute creatures and yarn from their coats... sublime!