Friday, November 22, 2013

New Yarn For Me!!

I am quite proud of myself for having most of my Christmas shopping finished and it isn't even December yet!  Along the way I have picked up a few things for me too and one of them was a skein of sock yarn.

While tweeting with BevKnits, she posted a picture of the sock she was knitting and I loved the yarn. When I asked about the yarn she said she had ordered it from a dyer here in Ontario through her Etsy shop DyeNamic Yarn.  So in a span of about 5 mins or less I had looked her up on Twitter, clicked on her Etsy link, scrolled through the skeins in her shop, added one to my shopping cart, clicked on paypal and presto I was the proud owner of this skein of sock yarn. Aren't the colours great?

I think I am going to knit it into a pair of mitts for me.  Thanks DyeNamic Yarn!!

Edited:  DyeNamic Yarns has added a discount coupon for her Esty shop for all my blog readers until Dec 8.  The code is in the comments.  Thanks!


Bev Currie said...

I love that we can be spread out over the world, or in our case, across the province of Ontario and still be connected because of the internet.

Kepanie said...

Valentine love this skein is. I can't believe you're about done with your Christmas shopping. I always start after Black Friday.

linda said...

Lovely colours! I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet, you find all the sales are on if you can bear to leave it till later. :)

Mereknits said...

I love that you have bought yourself some yarn you love, I bought myself some yesterday. yarn makes me happy and it is a lot cheaper than therapy as they say.

Wanderingcatstudio said...


seeyouat5 said...

Ohyes, such a beautiful colors! Can't wait to see your FO! Cheers!

Kim Charette said...

Thank you so much for your support of indie dyers:)

I would like to offer your blog followers a discount until Dec 8,2013. Code is DYERSDREAM
Happy knitting!!

Kim Charette said...
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