Thursday, February 20, 2014

Last Night's Guild Meeting

Last night was the Knitting Goddesses guild meeting.  We discussed and tried out different cast ons.  I don't know about you, but I know that I have been guilty in the past of using my favourite cast on for almost every project. I've been trying to change this over the last couple of months so it was lots of fun to share the new cast ons that I had learned with other Knitters.

This is the Channel Island cast on.  It is a version of the Long Tail cast on and gives you a fun decorative edge.

Last month we discussed knit doilies and look at what was knit since that meeting!

 At every meeting we have a show and tell of what everyone is knitting.  This mitten WIP seemed to get the most attention :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Finished Knits = Photo Shoot

The last couple of weeks has had me starting to think about designing again.  So, to ease myself back into the process slowly, here are the first finished designs; the Spiral Hat and Spiral Cowl.  These were designed to be a next step project after you have learned to knit.  The pattern stitch is easy to remember, fun to knit and the finished item looks great.  The patterns are in the process of being test knit and then they will be available for all to enjoy! 
Pattern - Wildflower Wool Spiral Hat and Cowl
Yarn - Hat, Patons Classic Wool in Flagstone; Cowl, Patons Canadiana in Navy
My Niece and Nephew came for a visit this weekend so we had fun with a photo shoot!

Spiral Hat
Spiral Cowl

The spiral pattern

Decreases at the top

It seems to fit well even if you are upside down :)

Anyone can wear this - men or ladies

The cowl is just as fun to wear

and when you add the matching hat, they both keep you warm even in crazy cold temperatures!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Knitting

This picture sums up my weekend knitting perfectly.  I would knit a few rows, decide I didn't like the pattern I was knitting and rip it out.  I'd start again and find that I messed up the pattern.  So I'd rip it back, pick up the sts and carry on.  I repeated the messing up part 2 times while watching the Super Bowl.  Apparently watching my team loose badly affects my ability to work a simple k2, p2 pattern!