Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Knitting

This picture sums up my weekend knitting perfectly.  I would knit a few rows, decide I didn't like the pattern I was knitting and rip it out.  I'd start again and find that I messed up the pattern.  So I'd rip it back, pick up the sts and carry on.  I repeated the messing up part 2 times while watching the Super Bowl.  Apparently watching my team loose badly affects my ability to work a simple k2, p2 pattern!


Frieda said...

We all have days like that , just hope that it passes quickly and that it doesn't happen too often ;-)

Anonymous said...

:-( Sorry about your Broncos. That was a hard game to watch. BUT, your knitting looks good.

Kepanie said...

Been there during baseball season. A knitter's patience always comes out on top.