Monday, March 17, 2014

A Knit Doily

I am on a mission to bring back the knit doily :)
Two months ago at our guild meeting doilies were our topic and since then the Knitters in our group have been showing up at our Monday and Friday knitting groups with finished doilies (yay!!).
Here is my second one in progress,
size 10 crochet cotton and 2.25mm needles

and here it is finished!
after blocking


Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful, where are you finding the patterns? Are you just using knit stitch patterns or are they specific to doilies?

Minding My Own Stitches said...

So pretty! I've been mooning over crochet thread doily patterns. Just trying to decide if I have the patience!

kathy b said...

I love it! carry on