Monday, March 24, 2014

Hat Knitting Steps Part 2 - The Body

Hats make great knitting projects for so many reasons; the work in progress is portable - just toss it into your purse and you will always have some knitting with you, it knits up quickly using only one ball of yarn and you can get creative with the stitch patterns you use.

Once you have the ribbing for your hat knit, (part one on ribbing is here) you are ready to move onto the main body of the hat.  On the last round of ribbing you increased to the number of stitches required to get the fit you are wanting for your hat. Remember that you will be aiming for 2 - 3" smaller than the actual size of your head. 

Now comes the fun part, knitting the pattern of the hat you chose.  If this is a pattern that you are designing yourself, remember that the pattern repeat has to fit into the number of stitches you have on  your needle.  If you need to increase or decrease a stitch or two to make the pattern fit this is ok. Whether you go smaller or bigger is your choice.  On the Knit'n Purl hat that I designed for an advanced beginner knitting class the body of the hat is divided into 2 different knit and purl stitch patterns; seed stitch and a diagonal rib.  Before starting both of these patterns the number of sts on the needle had to be adjusted to match the stitch pattern. 

The next question is how long do you knit the body of your hat?  That is up to you.  For an adult hat I aim for 6-7" from the cast on edge but this is where you can decide on the perfect fit for you.  Do you like your hats a little shorter or a little longer for a slouchy look? Remember that you have to leave some space for the decrease rounds at the top of the hat.

seed stich and diagonal rib patterns

Happy hat knitting!!

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