Sunday, March 2, 2014

Patons Project Update

Last year I challenged myself to knit all of the projects in the Patons Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting pattern book.  Well the year is over and everything has been knit except for the last sweater.  It's on the needles and progressing nicely although slowly!  I 'll blog about this sweater when it is finished but for now I have decided to move onto this years challenge.
You all know that my favourite go to yarns are Patons Kroy and Patons Classic Wool but I'm not sure if I have mentioned that I also have a HUGE collection Patons pattern books.  It only seemed natural to combine some of these vintage patterns with my favourite yarns.  So, from now to December I'm going to be picking out some classic patterns from years gone by and knitting them with a few modifications with todays Patons yarns.
The first project is from Book No. 115 Bazaar Novelties and Gifts by Beehive.  Note the price of the book, 0.75 cents!
I was looking for a super easy slipper pattern to knit while I was watching the Olympics one evening and I thought of this pattern.  Hasn't everyone had a pair of these slippers knit for them or bought as a gift from a church Bazaar?

 One of my favourite things about looking through these pattern books is seeing the hand written notes on the patterns.  Some wonderful Knitter, a Grandmother or Mother maybe,  knit slippers for Chris taking the time to take note of the number of ridges needed for the perfect fit when she knit the next pair; or maybe just to make sure slipper number 2 was the same size as the first ;)  Either way, I like knowing that this pattern book was well used by a Knitter before me. 

With the invention of Ravelry, the Knitter using this pattern after me will have to check out my notes on my Ravelry project page.  How the times have changed! 

I heavily modified this pattern making it all garter stitch knit with 3 strands of Patons Kroy sock yarn with minimal shaping making them a quick knit and also a good beginner project.



Wanderingcatstudio said...

My Mom has that book - I had many of those slippers growing up!

Caffeine Girl said...

Oh, yes, my babysitter knitted me many pairs of those slippers!

I love that you have an annual theme -- and you actually stick with it! It's really fun to watch your year progress.

Catherine said...

Congratulations on completing your year's challenge. Your slippers are really cute.