Friday, May 16, 2014

Are You Seeing A Trend Here?

A few weeks ago I looked into my knitting bag and took a look at the 3 projects I was working on.  If anyone had any doubts about my addiction to Patons yarns, this should put those to rest.

Project #1 - Patons Kroy sock yarn knitting a plain pair of mens socks

Project #2 - Patons Classic Wool knitting my No Pattern Sweater in the round from the bottom up

Project #3 - Patons Beehive Baby Sport knitting the Baby Tea Leaves sweater
Kroy and Classic Wool are yarns that I have knit with for years and are two of my favourite yarns.  Knitting with the baby yarn was a first for me and I really liked the yarn.  It is super soft, doesn't split and it comes in great colours; sadly though I think this colour  may be discontinued.
If you haven't knit with these yarns - and I think everyone should :) you can find them here

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby Tea Leaves

I'm able to blog again!  My computer troubles seem to be fixed so be prepared for some catch up blogging!
Baby knitting is something that I haven't done a lot of in the past. But this Spring and Summer has brought about a lot of new babies so I thought it was time to find a "go to" baby sweater pattern.  I think I've found it. 

Pattern - Baby Tea Leaves
Yarn - Patons Beehive Baby Sport
Needles - 3.75mm and 3.5mm
Size - 6-12 months
Modifications - knit the body a little longer

This cute sweater is knit from the top down with no seams and I think it would be fine to be knit for either a boy or a girl.  I will definitely be knitting this pattern again.